Elementary (1st - 8th grades)

Sumiton Christian's Elementary program provides a loving, caring, academically challenging, Christian environment for our students. Students will expand their knowledge of phonics, spelling, reading, mathematics, social studies, science, writing/penmanship and Bible education as they advance through the lower elementary school grades. For example, days usually begin with Bible lessons using the Abeka curriculum then students will focus on grade specific subjects taught with a Biblical perspective. As students transition from the basics of lower elementary grades into higher level thinking we begin to spend more time in science with exciting hands-on labs, history, language development and a deeper study and of God's Word. We also love to see our students learning to reach out with compassion as they grow mentally, physically and spiritually in to mature young people. Students can become involved in various service projects within the school and our community and begin to prioritize their activities, hobbies and educational goals. Elementary school also provides lots of time for fun learning on fields trips to Camp McDowell, Rickwood Caverns, the Tennessee Aquarium, American Village and other educational excursions.

Middle school students comprised of 6th, 7th and 8th grades begin to analyze works of literature and are challenged to write clearly and purposefully while utilizing grade-appropriate grammar and mechanics. The study of geography, U.S. and World History help students to evaluate the world around them and discover God's purpose for their life in it. Students also begin investigating the world around them through the study of God's creation with Earth, Life and Physical sciences. Earth Sciences study earthquakes, volcanoes, erosion, weathering of rocks, water cycles, and meteorology. Life Sciences include the study of cell structure, physiology, micro-organisms, classifications, plant structure and function, animals, human anatomy and physiology. Eight grade students then study physical sciences learning about basic chemistry and physics.

Advanced technology is integrated into our educational programs as much as possible. Computer and science labs are available to our students and teachers encourage the use of free resources such as, Quizlet, Flash Card Plus and Edmodo.


I love seeing my students learn and grow. Their individual skills and talents are brought out through various types of learning, such as hands-on activities, group work, individual practice, and even taking part in teaching their peers.

- Mrs. Bradley

School Uniforms

Elementary students are required to wear school uniforms daily. Our classic uniforms consist of plain dress navy or khaki pants and shorts for boys and pants, shorts or capris for girls along with navy, maroon and green SCS logo collared shirts. Students have the option to dress in casual SCS logo or athletic t-shirts on Fridays with our standard dress uniform pants or shorts. Girls in K5-5th Grade also have the option to wear uniform dress or skort. Please refer to the student handbook for additional information about our school dress code and expectations of appearance.

After School Care

For parents who work, After School Care is available for K3 - 12th grade students who can not be picked up at the normal dismissal time. After School Care is available from 3:30 until 6:00 Monday through Friday. The cost of After School Care is $6 per day or $25 per week.

Annual Expenses

Tuition covers the cost of curriculum and your student's daily instruction and care. Additionally, at the beginning of each school year, your child will have a supply list that can be purchased at the school store or at your desired local retailer.

Students have the option to purchase lunch and snacks daily in our cafeteria and school store or bring one from home. Lunch is $3 daily for elementary students and $3.50 for junior high students. Snacks range from $0.75 to $1.25 in the school store.

Faculty and Staff


Cheryl Capps

Principal, Administrator
Email Mrs. Capps


Tracy Gravlee

Office Secretary
Email Mrs. Gravlee


Diane Cheatham

1st Grade Teacher
Email Mrs. Cheatham


Tami Werner

2nd Grade Teacher
Email Mrs. Werner


Danielle Phillips

3rd Grade Teacher
Email Mrs. Phillips


Elizabeth Cousins

4rd Grade Teacher
Email Mrs. Cousins


Brittney Cronin

5rd Grade Teacher
Email Ms. Cronin


Erica Smith

Jr. High English
Email Ms. Smith


Leonard Adger

Jr. High History
Email Mr. Adger


Deann Humber

Jr. High Math
Email Ms. Humber


Lindsey Woodard

Jr. High Science
Email Mr. Woodard


Kelli Woodard

Jr. High Bible
Email Ms. Woodard

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