High School (9th - 12th Grades)

It is vitally important to help students become motivated to learn in order to be successful in the classroom today and in the world tomorrow. Our goal is to see students not only taking ownership of concepts we teach, but to applying and practicing them as well. Sumiton Christian stands for excellence and believes God requires our best, not only spiritually, but mentally and physically.

Our academic program is comprehensive, college preparatory, and taught within a Christian framework. We are dedicated to supporting families and preparing our students to become goal seekers, problem solvers and leaders in their community, state and world. We use a variety of assessments, such as the ASPIRE, OLSAT, PLAN, PSAT, and ASVAB to help us maintain these standards and adjust our teaching and classroom techniques as needed to encourage all students to reach their fullest potential. Peer tutoring groups, as well as teacher "help" classes are available to students wishing to take advantage of these opportunities. Sumiton Christian continues to exceed national and state norms which help our students be better prepared to meet the demanding challenges at the post secondary level and in the job market.

Through class instruction and a variety of school activities students are encouraged to discover and embrace their uniqueness in God's plan and to represent Christ in all aspects of their lives.

At a Glance

  • Student Teacher Ratio 12:1
  • Safe and Drug Free Environment
  • AP Courses and Dual Enrollment
  • Weekly Chapel Services
  • Fine Arts Curriculum and Extracurricular
  • Class 1A Athletic Programs

    and more...

College Preparation

Our high school counselor, Beth Carter, takes a great interest in the future success of our students. Beginning in August, she meets with each senior to discuss their college and career goals. Then the search begins to find the top colleges that best fit each individual students needs. Mrs. Carter works diligently throughout the school year to help secure scholarships and funding to help our students reach their goals. We incorporate the latest technology and internet searches to help us gain the greatest resources. Annually our students collectively receive on average between $800,000 - $1,000,000 in scholarships. We are proud to say that our graduating seniors have been accepted to many of Alabama's prestigious colleges such as, the University of Alabama, Auburn, Samford University, Birmingham Southern and many more.

Beyond the Classroom

A huge advantage of an education at Sumiton Christian is our goal of keeping God at the center of everything we do. Students not only learn about their specific subjects, but are challenged to learn more about their Christian faith and how it applies to their every day lives and the subjects they are learning. This priority allows our students to grow up in an environment which nurtures compassion and a heart of service. Our students continue to break records for service hours and volunteering in and around our community. Whether it's collecting canned food, creating shoeboxes for Operation Compassion, volunteering at the Senior Center, or helping cloth those in need, our students care!


Computer courses are useful tools in helping Sumiton Christian students learn core subjects and familiarize themselves with various uses of computer technology. Computer instruction includes the use of specific instructional software, educational games, word-processing, and the role of computers in real-world applications All internet connections are filtered for objectionable content.


What makes SCS unique? We accept and embrace each other's differences and we appreciate the things that make each person special.

- Jonathan Hawkins, Faculty

My child is learning great Biblical skills for life along with manners and respect in a Christian environment.

- Parent

English is more than grammar rules and reading about old people; it is about exploring the world and learning how to express ideas and reactions to it. If I do not teach my students anything else, I will be content with knowing that I at least taught them to ask one question: "Why?"

- Tiffiany Ellis, Faculty
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